PEAK Painting

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Peak Painting is a Perth-based company that provides high-quality and efficient painting services. Peak Painting is composed of a team of painting experts who hold safety and quality in the highest regard. With 15 years of experience, we know what it takes to provide consistent quality services at all times. Peak Painting provides a quality-control check after the completion of each job we complete to make sure everything is above and beyond the expectations of our clients.


Peak Painting has the expertise and equipment to service any painting project across a wide range of specified industry sectors. Peak Painting’s passion and high standards of work have been rewarded with a Dulux accreditation. Peak Painting provides professional service at all times and specializes in providing painting services for Perth home owners, real estate, and business owners.


Our Specialties Include:
  • ✅ Residential
  • ✅ Commercial
  • ✅ Re-paints
  • ✅ Staining
  • ✅ Floor coatings
  • ✅ Unit developments
  • ✅ Real estate
  • ✅ Spray painting
  • ✅ Insurance work

Our Mission and Vision

Peak Painting’s mission is to help our clients achieve a beautiful environment for their home or business. Our vision is to be known for quality and exceptional services at all times. Trust is of high regard at Peak painting, and we strive to keep our renowned reputation for providing exceptional service by going above and beyond for our clients.


Our team at Peak Painting now offers industrial painting in Perth that ensures durability and top-notch quality that is built to last. Peak Painting is composed of industrial painting specialists in Perth with 15 years of experience, that is why we know how to efficiently cater to the industrial painting needs of an Australian community. 

To add to that, we assure our clients that the industrial painters we have are licensed and are always ready in rendering high-quality services.

Our industrial painting services are geared towards resilience and protection without compromising an overall aesthetic finish! We are committed to provide a wide range of services that are suitable to industrial clients in Perth and surrounding areas who need efficient painting services that can withstand harsh conditions and secure the protection of goods in warehouses and industrial buildings.

At Peak Painting, we guarantee the long-lasting feature of our products and services while also giving 100% attention to details, that is why people in Perth would always prefer our services than the others. Additionally, our team provides a quality-control check after the completion of our job, to make sure everything is above and beyond the expectations of our clients.

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