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Commercial Painting

Australian painting is proud to be one of the most reputable and experienced solution provider for all your commercial painting needs. We’ve been in business these many years and we are willing to use all our experience to help you design, and realize the vision for your business. Australian painting specializes in all kinds of projects for the commercial sector.

We do quality work and use only quality material to deliver a job that is done under the highest health and safety standards. This will ensure that the project is not only cost effective, but also sustainable and valuable. A good painting project will increase the value of your property as well as the productivity and well being of your personnel.

Conventional Oil Based Paint

It has it’s own advantages like going on smoother and since it’s thicker it covers better with less coats. Oil based paints also shrinks less than other types of paint, it takes longer to dry so you’ll have a lot of time to finish the job with out unevenness. It is very durable so it works well in high traffic areas.

Conventional Acrylic Paint

There are many advantages to using acrylic paint, some of these are that acrylics will adhere to many types of surfaces unlike some of its predecessors, they are also very flexible so it will expand and contract with your house. Other advantages are that it breaths which means that it will let excess moisture out which otherwise would cause blistering, and others.

Line Marking

Whether it is for pedestrian traffic or for vehicle traffic we can line on any surface. We can delineate parking spaces, pedestrian crossings. We specialize in civil construction lines like the ones you use for marking truck, car, taxi spaces. We also work for factories and warehouses where we can delineate pedestrian exclusion zones, loading docks and other zones. If you need road markings or even sport court markings we are a one stop center for all your lining needs.

Multiple Site Painting

If you have various locations where you need us to paint, or if you need a standardized paint job to be used in franchises we will deliver the project promptly and effectively.

New Construction Painting

If you don’t need maintenance painting but instead need to have work done from the ground up, we can also provide you with the best service available anywhere in Australia. Our professional representatives will be able to work with you to advice you about our products and even about colors for your new building. Remember that choosing the right colors for your business will influence worker productivity, client satisfaction and it will make everybody feel welcome.

Protective Coatings

Whether the purpose is to protect the new construction or refurbishment of the structures against aggressive influences such as water ingress, atmospheric carbonation, chloride ingress in marine environment or aggressive chemicals from degrading the structure, We will assist you with expert technical advice and guidance in selecting the protective coating solution to meet your performance requirements. Which will protect your structure from water damage or mildew.

Graffiti Removal

At Australianpaiting we will help you get rid of those eye sore graffiti. We know that it is a messy proposition to remove these paintings from your walls, so leave it to us to remove them.

Anti Graffiti Coating

With this clear coat you’ll be able to deal with graffiti with out having to re paint your property. Australianpainting sells only premier products that will repel graffiti paint. This coating make it easy to remove the graffiti by using high pressure water. With this clear coats, you can clean as many times as you want, the defacing paint will just go away.

Shut Down Maintenance and Painting

We are able to fit our project in a window of time provided by you. We will finish the job before you start up operations again.

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