Industrial Blasting and Painting

Goodline has operated state of the art industrial blasting and painting facilities in remote Queensland and Western Australia for over 10 years. With our in-house Quality Assurance systems and certified National Associated of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) inspectors, our clients can be confident that not only will their finished products look good, they will be protected for many years to come against the harsh elements of the Australian outback and the corrosive environments associated with our client’s operations.

Our modularised mobile blasting and painting equipment is able to be lifted into processing plants with our in-house scaffolding and access department.

Goodline scope of services include:

  • Licensed and certified workshop dedicated blasting & painting booth
  • Mobile blasting and painting equipment
  • NACE Certified Inspectors
  • ISO 9001 QMS Certification
  • In-house access and scaffolding services
  • Contamination containment infrastructure


Leaders in Construction and Maintenance

Goodline is an Australian owned and based company established in 1999 by John and Catherine Kennedy for the provision of engineering, construction and maintenance services nationwide.

Goodline’s reputation has been built by exceeding quality and performance targets and has a track record of safely delivering projects on time and within budget.

This reputation, supported by key industry leaders throughout Australia, has provided widespread endorsement of our work.

Today Goodline employs in excess of 1,000 staff and contractors nationwide and provides construction and maintenance services to Australia’s major resource companies.

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