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Dental Implants Make First Class Smiles

Dental implants have become the treatment of choice for patients seeking to replace severely compromised or missing teeth with a healthy, attractive, fully functional smile.

Few concepts in the field of dentistry have had more scientific research or product development associated with them than the emergence of implant treatment protocols. That is because historically, the success rates have been consistently high, the esthetic results can be positively dramatic, and even the most unhealthy smiles can be replaced with pristine new ones.

Treated Patients Report Life Changing Results

Healthy Smiles affect more than just the health of the mouth. Patients report a bounty of restored self-confidence, relief from digestive disorders through ease in proper chewing, and the ultimate preventive relief knowing that oral bacteria is not leading to heart disease.

Some patients abandon plans for plastic surgery, surprised by the youthfulness a new smile can provide. Others find renewed energy for exercise and the key to revamp overall fitness. Dental implants are a lifestyle upgrade.

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