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White IT’s managed IT service combines excellent customer service with powerful insight and reliable technology, allowing you to put all of your efforts into other areas of your business.

We have a small team of experienced, highly trained IT professionals who are passionate about technology and they can monitor, maintain, and manage as little or as much of your IT environment as you wish.

Our flexible plans provide you with 3 different levels of service.

According to your needs and/or budget we can:

  • Act as your virtual IT Department, providing and managing all of the IT services which your business requires
  • Provide IT services purely in specific areas
  • Work alongside your existing IT team, being there to consult and provide expertise for those more tricky IT concepts; or managing those time-consuming IT jobs, thus freeing up the time of key IT staff

No matter what your IT needs, we can tailor our managed IT services to suit your business.

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