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We service & repair all makes and models of ovens. We offer free accurate quotes for oven repairs over the phone or via email and all prices quoted include GST, parts & labour.

On the occasion your oven can not be repaired or it is not worth repairing your old oven, we will recommend purchasing new cooking appliances from a local supplier. We can then organise installation once delivered.

All our staff are fully qualified and insured. Our competitive pricing and quality workmanship means you will be 100% satisfied with our oven repair service. We are now offering all our Perth customers an oven disposal service. Enquire today for more information.

About Perth  Electric Cooking Appliance Repairs

Westside Electrical Perth is a market leader in oven, stove & cooktop repair across all suburbs in Perth including Perth and the first to offer a fixed price service for many cooking appliances.

We will repair your cooking appliance hassle free and on time. With our exclusive fixed pricing repair service you can be rest assured the price we quote is total price inclusive of GST, parts and labour.

When you contact our customer service centre, you will need to provide us with a make and model number of the appliance and a detailed description of the fault.

Our vans carry a wide variety of oven, stove and cooktop spare parts. This means we can repair most appliances on the day with minimal downtime to the customer. Our company focus we strive for is to complete 90% of appliance repair jobs on the first visit.

Fan Force Element Fixed Price Fan Forced Element Repairs

Most electric ovens that have a fan at the back will have a circular heating element which sits around the fan. When the fan is operating it will distribute hot air evenly around the oven. When the fan force element fails you will be able to hear the oven fan turning but the oven will produce little to no heat. Oven fan force element replacement is the most common type of oven repair service.

Conventional Element Fixed Price Conventional Oven Element Repairs

Conventional oven elements are primarily located at the bottom of the oven while other ovens have a conventional element at the top and bottom. Some models may have an element hidden from sight under the metal casing. Conventional oven elements don’t use a fan to heat the food. It is quite easy to tell if a conventional oven element has failed. If the element is visible it simply will not glow red or produce heat when the conventional setting is selected.

Grill Element Fixed Price Grill Element Repairs

All electric grill elements are located at the top of the oven and are held in usually with metal clips and screws at the back. Some grill elements can operate with a fan grill setting while other grill elements operate with simply the grill itself. It is quite easy to tell when a grill element has failed. Simply turn the oven on and set the oven to grill. If the grill element is not heating, you will require a replacement grill element.

Oven Fan Motor & Oven Cooling Fan Fixed Price Oven & Cooling Fan Motor Repairs

Oven fan motors are located and housed at the back of the oven and are usually set behind a metal face plate. Oven fans are popular with everyday cooking as they provide fast even cooking heat throughout the oven. The oven cooling fan is located inside the oven usually behind the oven controls and selector switches. They are used to keep the electrical components inside the oven cool and also used to keep the cabinetry surrounding the oven free from heat damage. When oven fans fail they can often make a grinding sound as the bearings can fail. Other faults include the fan ceasing in which case the fan will turn at a very slow speed. The most common fault is the fan motor burning out, which will result in the oven fan not turning at all.

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