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Sports Physiotherapy at West Pennant Hills Physio, Sydney

At West Pennant Hills Physio, we aim at getting people out of pain as soon as possible whilst allowing them to perform at their best. During those days you are off your sports schedule, you may want to make an appointment with a sports therapist to assess your fitness, strength, and flexibility. When you take a break from training or doing sports activities be they rugby, athletics, soccer, gym, and other kinds of sports and fitness activities, your muscle strength, conditioning, and endurance tends to decline.

If you suddenly head back to your routine training and sports activities without adequate conditioning, it places your body and muscles at risk of injury. Besides, if you have had an injury during sports or when training, a sports physio in Sydney can help you regain your fitness, flexibility, and strength so that you are back in shape to continue exercising and doing sports.

How sports physiotherapy in Sydney can help you

A sports physio will assess your muscle function, flexibility, strength, range of motion, biomechanics, and stability. A sports physiotherapist will address any kind of deficits you may have like muscle weakness, imbalances, or even poor motor control. At West Pennant Hills Physiotherapy, we design individually tailored exercise programs and physiotherapy treatment to help target your needs to prepare you and equip you with sports readiness to begin your sporting activities. We also advise you on how you can prevent injury and adjust your sports and training load so that you make the most of your sports preparation efforts.

If you have pain or injury that has been bothering you and it’s still persisting, we come in handy to help you get back into shape. Ignoring your pain could lead to worsened injury that may take longer to recover.

Sports injuries tend to be different from normal daily life injuries. When doing sports activities, you put more pressure on body parts including joints, muscles, ligaments, and tendons thus making them prone to injury. A sports physio in Sydney will help get you out of pain whilst focusing on your performance and development to ensure full functionality.

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