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Founded by William Peter Dehen in 1920Dehen Knitting Company produces classic and traditional U.S. heavyweight apparel. Keeping true to their humble yet pioneering beginnings in Portland, OregonDehen 1920 are a family business known for long-lasting quality, workmanship and rugged styling.

Playing a true role in American heritage clothing, Dehen are the original manufacturers of Harley-Davidson racing jersey’s from as early as the 1930’s and in recent years have been called upon for collaborations by Japanese brands such as The Real McCoy’s & Neighborhood.

We hope to share with you the “Heavy Duty, Old School Truth” that is Dehen 1920.

Godspeed is a Melbourne based response to Japanese quality clothing and style by creative director Martin KirbyMartin spent his formative years living in Japan developing friendships and working relationships with industry legends such as Mikiharu Tsujita of FullcountMasaki Egawa of Trophy Clothing and Nau Shima of Neighborhood.

Superior in quality with utmost respect for craftsmanship and traditional materials Godspeed has the environment and our responsibility for a better future at the forefront of each and every step.

Ethically made by skilled Japanese artisans living & working in localised areas of Okayama, Wakayama and Gifu prefectures; famed for their production of each specific product.

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