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Our gardens can tend to go by the wayside during the cold and dreary Melbourne winters but as the ice melts into brighter, warmer days you’re going to be looking for a Mulch Wholesaler in Melbourne to assist you in your spring and summer grounds keeping plans.

Whether you’re a DIY gardener or a professional landscaper the brilliant team at Tree Man Melbourne is here to help, as the finest Mulch Wholesaler in Melbourne and arborist specialists we understand that mulch is an essential addition to the garden with all varieties both slowing the rate of moisture loss and supressing the growth of unwanted weeds. We are ready to help you select the right product for your gardening needs from our extensive array of services and budget friendly ground coverings, working with us as at Tree Man Melbourne as your Mulch Wholesaler in Melbourne and for all your other tree needs guarantees that you receive the friendly service of local tree experts and premium quality mulch at an unbeatable wholesale price.

Garden Mulch Melbourne

With many years’ experiences in all things Tree, we are proud to supply exceptional quality Garden Mulch Melbourne. Mulch is landscaping necessity; not only utilised as an attractive ground cover but for its excellent insulation qualities. Garden Mulch has the ability to decrease the rate at which the top soil dries during our brutally hot Melbourne summers and thus could reduce watering needs by up to 60%. Inversely, the practice of winter mulching can protect your plants from the bitter Melbourne frosts. Mulching can also aid to prevent stubborn and unsightly weed germination that will compete with healthy plants for moisture and nutrients.

We understand that landscaping tasks can be overwhelming and are pleased to offer a wide variety of services to assist you in achieving your gardening needs. Our expertise in services such as removal, pruning, transplanting and supplying Garden Mulch Melbourne are perfect for all residential properties, commercial, civil and government grounds. Our Friendly team are local and readily available to assist with your queries and have committed to provide an unsurpassed service that is budget friendly without sacrificing quality and efficiency.

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