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Tree Care WA firmly believes in environmentally-friendly arboriculture practices and our commitment to sustainable tree removal is best expressed in our range of 100% recycled, fully sustainable mulch products.

Our mulch is affordable, nutrient rich and suitable for any application, whether you’re mulching an existing residential garden, landscape development or large-scale rehabilitation project. No matter your mulching requirements, we can deliver the quality and quantity desired at a price suited to your budget.

We have three different types of 100% recycled mulch for sale, each offering its own array of features and benefits. To place your order, contact Tree Care WA today for the best mulching products Perth has to offer with delivery available to selected areas within metropolitan Perth.

Eco Mulch

Our Eco Mulch is derived from 100% recycled tree pruning’s (woodchip), which is produced directly from material cut during Tree Care WA’s daily operations before undergoing a beneficial aging process.

This nutrient-rich, aged mulch is the most sought after of our mulching products and is our bestseller amongst residential customers. It provides effective moisture retention, weed suppression and increases organic material with beneficial microbes, making it ideal for a range of gardening requirements.

The average delivery of Eco Mulch ranges from 5 cubic to 20 cubic meter loads.

Forest Mulch

Our Forrest Mulch is the by-product of recycled vegetation that has been gathered from our larger commercial projects undertaken by the Tree Care WA team. It provides an excellent alternative and offers a wide range of benefits.

Forrest Mulch has courser particles, which makes it an excellent product to use for water penetration, erosion control, weed suppression and moisture retention, and it is especially popular for larger areas of applications.


Enviro Mulch

Enviro Mulch is our premium grade mulch and the most superior of our recycled mulch products. This is no ordinary mulch – it has been carefully composted and turned over for an extended period to really enhance the beneficial microbes and organic nutrients.

After the composting process, our Enviro Mulch is then re-processed into a finer grade product, making it an excellent soil conditioner. It provides beneficial microbes that increase soil health, assist in moisture retention, aid weed suppression and increase organic

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