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New South Wales Vehicle Inspections

In New South Wales, owners of vehicles that are five years old or older must have a safety check carried out on their car before annual registration renewal or before transferring registration to another state. If this scenario describes you, come to Thompson’s Auto Service for your annual safety check for registration. Some vehicles may require additional inspections. Call to enquire.

All Mechanical Repairs

We can carry out a comprehensive range of mechanical repairs, including general repair services, transmission repairs and engine repairs. Whether for your brakes, air conditioner, exhaust system, engine, drivelines, battery, suspension or any other system components, we’re here for you. Ask us about our full list of repair services. 

Signs of Worn-Out Brakes

Have your brakes recently started making a squealing or grinding sound? Is it taking longer and longer for your vehicle to fully stop? If you answered yes, then it’s definitely time for a brake service from Thompson’s Auto Service. Neglecting your brakes could lead to an accident and expensive damage repairs, so take preventative measures and schedule a service today.

Get Back on the Road

Can’t figure out what’s gone wrong with your car? Bring it to Thompson’s Auto Service for quality diagnostics and repairs. We’re committed to top-notch work and competitive prices. No matter the repair, you’ll be impressed by the work of our NMRA-approved technicians as well as the fast turnaround times that will get you back on the road.

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