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Physiotherapy uses a variety of techniques to help your muscles and joints work to their full potential. It can help repair damage by speeding up the healing process and reducing pain and stiffness.

Physiotherapists can address sports injuries as well as conditions ranging from arthritis, back and neck pain, including whiplash to chronic injuries such as repetitive strain injury (RSI).

RecoveryPump – recovery compression boots rental

The Sports Clinic at Sydney University offers convenient recovery compression boots rental for people living, studying or working in the inner city.

RecoveryPump is used by athletic programs around the world and at every level of sports to help reduce the risk of injury and to treat athletes post injury/surgery.

The RP therapy (gradient sequential pneumatic compression) is the only medically proven type of pneumatic compression to both accelerate recovery and increase athletic performance in subsequent exercise bouts.

RecoveryPumps’s unique boot design and quick cycle time actively engages the body’s natural return systems (venous/lymphatic) while at rest and keeps athletes feeling fresh during the grind of their season.

Exercise physiologists are experts in the field of health and fitness. The exercise physiologists of Sydney Sports & Exercise Physiology excel in exercise interventions in areas ranging from chronic conditions, such as diabetes and obesity, to improving sporting performance in semi-elite/elite athletes. The exercise physiologist also provide functional return to work programs.

Exercise physiologists run fitness assessments and generate individualised exercise programs to meet the needs of the clients goals.

They can assist with weight loss and management by collaborating with dietitians to develop the most suitable and individualised lifestyle/weight loss program for each client.

Sydney Sports & Exercise Physiology have experience in creating exercise programs for the gym, fitness centres, home based exercise programs, swimming pools, and programs aimed at improving functional capacity.

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