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The Perth Brain Centre (est. in 2007) is Western Australia’s longest established private clinic with a special interest in state-of-the-art brain therapies. The Perth Brain Centre has been helping people with problems including ADHD & Learning Disorders, Anxiety, Autism, Chronic Pain and Migraine, Depression, Memory Problems and Performance for more than 15 years.


A very different approach

The Perth Brain Centre does not provide a traditional diagnostic service for problems based on symptoms, nor offer treatments such as medication or talk-based therapies. Instead, The Perth Brain Centre takes a very different approach and uses special brain scans, known as QEEG, to help understand how the brain is working. This unique information can be used to direct drug-free and truly personalised, evidence-based and effective treatments that help by “re-training” or “re-wiring” the brain, harnessing its natural power to change known as neuroplasticity.

The Perth Brain Centre has been helping people for over 15 years, with treatment programmes based upon clinical research published in peer-reviewed scientific journals and provided by a team of highly experienced healthcare professionals. You are making the right decision to choose The Perth Brain Centre.


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Canning Highway, Attadale, Perth WA 6156.,6156,Canning Hwy,Perth