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Women’s Health

Research shows 33% of postnatal women experience involuntary leaking following childbirth and 21% of Australian women report pelvic pain. This is a therapeutic solution for women experiencing pelvic floor dysfunction and incontinence.


Physiotherapy is the mainstream evidence-based medicine that focuses on physical health. The treatments are non-intrusive. Physiotherapists work on injury recovery, deep tissue healing, and muscle rejuvenation.

Workplace Injury

Rehabilitation for injuries that happened at the workplace is common. We provide injured workers with treatment as well as liaison with the insurer, doctor, and employer. You will need a valid claim number to be eligible for this service.


The art of recruitment is to choose the right candidate for the job. We test the candidate’s physical capacity and provide advice for injury prevention. The functional assessment provides an accurate picture of your staff’s physical capacity to do the job. This is beneficial for the employer and employee.


Through video conferencing, we are delivering accurate examinations, rehabilitation instructions, and prescriptions. You will continue to have access to our help through your phone. This is how we track your progress, correct your movement, and offer solutions to your ergonomics setup.

Neck & Headaches

Common among office workers. Neck issues can refer to other parts of the body, especially the head and jaw. Periodic treatment is beneficial.


Shoulder pain can source from overuse, trauma, and aging. Pain can be difficult for you to locate. We treat with precision.


Studies show 90% of us will suffer from back pain sometime in our lives. This is because our spine embodies vital nerve structures whilst supporting much of our body weight.

Arms & Hands

Our hands and arms help us to forge and shape this world. They require fine movements and sensory acuity.

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