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Wireless Security Cameras System Installations Brisbane

Type of Security Camera System

There are two main categories of camera for home security: wireless and wired or battery operated or AC-powered. Within these categories are several subcategories depending use of security camera explained as indooror outdoor, dome. turret or bullet, floodlight, doorbell, 2 way talk, siren, human detection cameras & live cameras.

Wireless Camera: It is also known as battery operated cameras, though some wireless cameras are powered by AC power too. They are generally known as DIY cameras too and they are easy to install. There are very few cameras come with onboard memory, companies wants customer to either view live or pay for storage on monthly subscription for playback.

Wired Camera: Wired cameras are very common now a days. This type of cameras are more reliable due to powered by AC power, on board memory for playback without spending on monthly fees, higher resolution upto 8MP, inbuilt siren and many more feature.


Home Security Alarm Systems Installation Brisbane 



What is a Security Alarm System?

Security Alarm system is also known as burglar Alarm system. It consists of Alarm Panel, Keypad, Wired or Wired sensor/ Detectors, Wired or Wired reed switches for door and windows, internal and external siren. When system is armed thorugh user code and breaking event happens, it notifies neighbour around for event and/or if fitted with proffessional remote monitoring system it notifies monitoring centres to take action.

As Australians, we love our families, our homes and our sentimental & valuable possessions. So it’s no surprise that one of our biggest worries in life is the threat of home burglary, and the psychological, emotional and of course financial impact that a break-in at your place can have.

With that in mind, this statistic is not likely to put your mind at ease: in our amazing country, a house is broken into about once every three minutes. According to Budget Direct, Australia’s 2019 Insurer of the Year according to Money magazine, one in five homes have already been broken into, and three-quarters of all burglars break in and leave within just five minutes. Even more horrific is that 10% of residents are actually confronted by the actual intruder, with Australia occupying the unenviable ranking as the country with the fifth highest burglary rate on earth.



‘Knock’ ‘Knock’, Who is at the front door or gate? Don’t open the door or gate without seeing or speaking to visitor.


Our experienced tecnicians will help you installin intercom system


Wifi and Data Cabling

We install Wireless Access Points in the Home and Business to enhance internet to every corner of the premises. We also provide data cabling as per customer’s requirements.


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