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If you have missing or badly infected teeth, dental implants may be the solution for you. At Stanley Street Dental, we collaborate with a team of specialists to ensure that your dental implant journey is a smooth one. From start to finish, this journey takes about 3 months and involves surgery and healing time. Once healed, our team will prepare a crown to be placed over the implant to complete your smile.

Dental implants are replacement tooth roots which are fixed permanently into your mouth. These are the foundations to be used to fit your new replacement teeth. If you have ever lost a tooth, you know that what you see on the surface is only half the story. Teeth manage to remain fixed in your mouth because they have long roots that dig into your gums. When you lose a tooth, you are left with a hole in the gum which a dental professional can then fix a dental implant into. To work out your dental implant cost, get in touch with the team at Stanley Street dental.

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