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Don’t let back pain get you down.

Spine Scan Chiropractic are focused in targeting treatment to help alleviate common lower back and neck pain.

Lower Back Pain

According to data published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 8 out of 10 adults will suffer from back pain at some time in their lives. Fortunately, for most of us, this is only a short term problem caused by an accident or injury but, as Perth Chiropractor Adam Rocchi says, some people will suffer with chronic lower back pain for years, even decades – and in many instances this does not have to be the case!

Whichever type of back pain you have, whether it is chronic or acute, you know how it can affect daily living. In the case of an acute injury, patients often have concerns about whether it will reoccur.  For those living with chronic back pain there are worries about whether it will get worse and necessitate surgery in the future.

There are many underlying reasons for chronic back pain and many possible treatments for it; these range between a prescription for anti-inflammatory medication, injections and spinal surgery. Many treatments alleviate the symptoms.

At Spine Scan, Dr. Rocchi ( chiropractor ) uses a combination of two treatments in an attempt to get results as quickly and gently as possible. If a patient can’t report an improvement of 50% or more  in their pain levels by week 2 an alternative modality outside of the office will be suggested.

Spine Scan and Trigenics

The treatment for lower back pain Dr Rocchi (Chiropractor)  utilises two techniques.

The hand-held Spine Scan computerised instrument and the associated software attempts to identify the stiff or locked spinal segments. Following this the instrument imparts a series of mechanical impulses to attempt to gently “release” the deep, taut, hard to get at musculature within the spine that were measured as stiff in the initial analysis. The goal is to improve spinal motion and the patient can see the pre and post measures on the screen. They are encouraged to move immediately afterwards and report any change.

Tight or weak core muscles in the lower back are often responsible for back pain. An indication that a problem may exist can come in the form of identifying weakness or tightness in these core muscles within the back through standard muscle tests.

Trigenics is a technique  that attempts to change the way the body works by manually stimulating nerve sensors within the targeted muscles while at the same time, the patient carries out a specific movement or exercise as directed by Adam.

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