Spectrum Clinic

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Our Vision

Spectrum Clinic was established to meet the unique clinical needs of adults with autism and other neurodevelopment disorders

We focus on delivering integrated, high quality mental health care by offering inclusive, multidisciplinary health services in a purpose-built clinical environment.

We are committed to contemporary, evidence-based practice and promote ongoing research and training for the benefit of both our patients and the community.

Our holistic practice


We work with each individual person and their support network to determine their specific values, priorities and needs. Our assessment pathway is based on best-practice guidelines, but we offer flexibility as required. As part of ongoing therapy or treatment, our clinicians use a variety of assessment and outcome measures to track progress against your goals, and provide advice and feedback that is tailored to your needs.


Out clinicians integrate an up-to-date knowledge of new research and best-practice guidelines in the fields of both autism spectrum disorder and co-occurring mental health problems. Our commitment to continuing professional development is evidenced by participation in accredited education and training, post-graduate degree programmes, interdisciplinary literature survey and peer supervision.


We aim to maintain a safe, inclusive and non-judgemental environment in which each individual’s needs are at the forefront of our decision making. We take into account your own culture and values, personal factors such as your cognitive, communication, sensory and social needs, as well as environmental factors such as stressors and supports at home and in the community. Together, we consider how these factors impact on your participation, well-being and quality of life.

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Suite 7, Level 3, 137 George St, East Fremantle , Western Australia,George St,Perth