Sewing Room

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DJ Incredable Launch Party

DJ Incredable is Cara Baldwin. The 19-year old DJ from sunny Perth, Western Australia with a passion for all things party music! With three years live performance experience DJing around Perth, DJ Incredable is launching her own professional career. The Sewing Room is a welcoming, inclusive and vibrant venue located in the heart of Perth. It’s the perfect place to ignite Cara’s passion for party music and celebrate with her friends and community. We’d love you to come along and support DJ Incredable at her Launch Party this September.

Located at 317 Murray Street in Perth with entry from Wolf Lane, The Sewing Room has the capacity for 320 patrons in a classic, basement, live music/club environment.

The venue is home to a variety of musical genres, specialising in supporting live original music and club nights.

Developed in one of the city’s most beautiful, early 1900s buildings, the venue was previously home to the Pierucci fashion house, with the basement being the location of the garment sewing room.

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