Gas Appliance Repair Services

At RPG Plumbing, we know there are a hundred things that can go wrong with gas appliances in your home, and it can be hard to know what’s gone wrong or what you should do.

From our gas water heaters to gas stove repair, you should always be aware of how to spot an issue to make sure you and your family are safe at home. And you should always consult a specialist in gas appliance repair, such as RPG Plumbing.


Do you Need Gas Stove Repair?

Our experts have outlined the top ways to spot issues with your gas stove. If any of these appear while you’re at home, call us immediately to get the issue fixed, fast.

Strange sounds. If there are strange sounds coming out of your gas stove or oven all of a sudden, this could be the sign of a fault or problem. Your gas oven should be completely silent apart for the sound of the fan and food cooking – anything other than that could be the sign of a problem.

Gas Stove Repair overcooked foodOvercooked food. If your typical temperature settings suddenly start resulting in burnt food out of the blue, this could be a sign that your gas oven’s thermostat is off. It is important you get a licensed professional to fix this as soon as possible to prevent fire hazards in your home.

Gas Stove Repair undercooked foodUndercooked food. Similar to overcooked foods, if your typical temperature settings suddenly start resulting in undercooked food, your thermostat is probably the issue. It goes without saying that undercooked food is a health hazard, so you should get this fixed as soon as possible.

Gas Stove Repair No PowerNo power. If there is no power in your gas oven and no display lights, this could be the sign of an electrical issue. It is very important this is fixed as soon as possible to prevent any electrical malfunctions or fire.

Gas Stove Repair Burners No WorkingBurners not working. If the stove-top burner rings aren’t emitting gas or lighting then there may be an internal burner fault you need a professional to repair.

Gas Stove Repair Physical issuesPhysical issues. Some gas installation firms don’t have the expertise or experience to fit gas appliances properly. It is important you call a proper professional if there are any obvious physical issues with the gas oven, like the door not closing properly.

Gas Stove Repair Obvious smell of gasObvious smell of gas. This is by far the most serious and important issue – always be on the lookout for smells of gas coming from the oven. This is a huge safety hazard for your family and should be fixed as soon as possible – call us if you smell any gas in your home.

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