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Behind The Brand

Inspired by 90’s culture and a humble upbringing in NZ & Western Sydney. Two siblings took their love for 90’s music & fashion and created a clothing brand, Rilla Haus. Rilla Haus first came about as an idea in 2013 but wasn’t officially launched until 2019 in between working full-time jobs and running events on weekends.

Rilla Haus is led by the values we live by (faith, family, work-ethic, integrity, loyalty, respect). We create products that make people feel good about themselves. We aim to use our brand to inspire others to set goals, work hard, be resilient, persevere & never give up! 

Behind The Name

Rilla, short for Gorilla, represents; strength, will-power, fearlessness.
Haus, House in German, represents; our brand as a home that welcomes all.

Our Mission

Continue to use our brand and everything it represents, to inspire and encourage others to stay true to themselves, embrace who they are and work to be the best version of themselves. Remain authentic & original in the work we create. Sharing the best parts of us with the world, through our ideas, our designs, our brand.

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