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Losing teeth

Australians are keeping their teeth longer than ever – thanks to initiatives over recent decades such as water fluoridation and more sophisticated and regular dental care. However, adults still do lose their teeth, which can cause:

  • Teeth either side of the missing tooth to move out of position
  • Receding jawbone and gum, as well as a loss of facial muscle elasticity
  • Misalignment of bite and jaw
  • A loss of confidence in smiling due to the gap(s) between teeth.

The following list details the leading causes of tooth loss in modern Australia:

Trauma or injury

No matter how careful we may plan to be, accidents happen. Impact injuries sports, collins, falls or other means can cause tooth loss. Trying the following precautions are terrific ways to make sure your teeth stay intact:

  • Wearing mouthguard while playing sports
  • Avoiding chewing ice, popcorn or nutshells
  • Using tools other than your teeth to remove bottle tops, clothing tags or to cut thread.

If these safeguards don’t work, or aren’t used, a visit to our Richmond dental clinic to discuss dental implants could be on your horizon.

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