Rich River Garden Mulch

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25 reasons to MULCH 

  1. reduces evaporation
  2. maintains moisture
  3. keeps soil cool in summer and warm in winter
  4. suppresses weeds
  5. improves soil nutrition
  6. improves soil conditions, binding sands, and opening up clays
  7. improves soil drainage
  8. protects plants from frost injury
  9. stops erosion
  10. saves time cultivating and hoeing
  11. Prevents surface crusting allowing the soil to breathe
  12. reduces soil compaction
  13. prevents vitamin loss in plants
  14. encourages nutrients to be taken up by the roots
  15. improves the yield of crops
  16. stops nutrients from being leached from the soil
  17. hinders pests laying their eggs near to the plant roots
  18. deters harmful insects by its odour
  19. reduces losses caused by soil borne diseases
  20. encourages earthworms and other microorganisms
  21. causes feeder roots to develop near the soil surface
  22. encourages roots to penetrate deeper in search of food
  23. makes plants more sturdy
  24. improves the flavour and the quality of the harvest
  25. improves the ‘look’ of the garden

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