regional Geriatric Program of Eastern Ontario

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The Regional Geriatric Program of Eastern Ontario (RGPEO) is a coordinated network that includes a broad range of specialized geriatric services, from hospital to home. It was established in 1985 as Ontario’s first specialized health services network for seniors.

The RGPEO aims to be a leader in the provision of:

  • Comprehensive, interdisciplinary geriatric assessment and treatment services in partnership with older adults, their families and the community;
  • Education in geriatrics/gerontology to practitioners, students and community members;
  • Research into appropriate treatment and service delivery to older adults; evaluation, advocacy and planning in the development of community services which promote older adult health.



  • To provide older adults and their families with thorough comprehensive Geriatric assessments and interventions.
  • To provide opportunities for older adults to maximize their functioning through the provision of excellent and appropriate treatment, together with rehabilitation.


    • To enable professionals who work with older adults to use the most effective methods in their practices by providing them with accessible, relevant, and state-of-the-art educational experiences.
    • To provide older adults, their families, and the community/general public with education regarding health and aging.


      • To ensure effective, high quality, and efficient delivery of geriatric services through program evaluation.
      • To advance knowledge of geriatrics/gerontology through the stimulation, facilitation, and completion of broad-based clinical, epidemiological, and health service delivery research


      • To promote the development of an appropriate continuum of services for older adults in the Champlain region through the provision of planning, program development, and consultation services to other health and community services and to planning bodies
      • To promote the development of an appropriate continuum of services for seniors in the Champlain region through advocacy in partnership with older adults for an improved health care system.

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