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You’re getting married. Hooray! Now you’re planning the not-so-big day. You want to do things differently. Small wedding vibes, rather than OTT crazy. Big love but small carbon-footprint. Don’t worry. I get you!


Your wedding should be less about putting on a show and more about re-affirming your connection. It’s all about you! 


Small weddings are where it’s at – they give you the freedom to plan a day representative of your relationship, personality and values. 


You actually get to enjoy the experience, rather than feeling overwhelmed and worrying that your great aunt may offend your mother-in-law. Who wants that?

How to choose your wedding experience

What exactly is a small wedding? There are so many ways to plan a wedding these days.


Let’s break it down!

Elopement wedding

Elopements are teeny-tiny weddings. Just you and your partner or a handful of family and friends.

  • 10 or fewer people

  • Focused on the couple, not the crowd

  • The wedding lasts less than an hour 

  • No reception – more hangout vibe

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