Add an extra element to your function, party or wedding

Here at Recharge DJ’s, we also have a state of the art Photo Booth. Read on to find out more about some of its unique features. Whether you are looking to add it to one of our DJ packages, or just want a Photo Booth on its own, we can take care of all of your needs.

Simple and easy to use

When you book our Photo Booth, we arrive early and have it set up and ready to go for the start of your event. All you need to do is to walk up to it and touch the screen to start.

It will give you a countdown timer to let you know when it is about to take the photos and a preview of the photo (that will be taken) is displayed on the large screen. This gives you an opportunity to make adjustments before the photo is taken. You are then given a preview and countdown for each subsequent photo.

Once it has finished taking all of the photos, it automatically prints out your photostrips and has them ready for collection in the side tray. The clean and simple design means it looks great too. At the end of the event, we pack it down and take it away for you.

Want to design your own personalised photostrips?

Choose from our selection of templates here or design your own. The software we use offers a FREE version. This free version will allow you to design your own template. You can put frames around your photos, tilt them on an angle or add your very own background image – just to give a few examples.

Don’t need the full enclosure?

Whilst our Photo Booth comes with a full enclosure, it doesn’t mean you have to use it. Our Photo Booth can be used as an “open air” booth.

Unlike other Photo Booths, it doesn’t need a huge bulky framework taking up space when you don’t want it. Simple and clean, our booth can be placed wherever you would like it.

If you would like to use our framework/enclosure, it is completely adjustable. You can have a height of around 2 meters up to 2.4 meters. As the sides are also independently adjustable, you can have a square footprint or a rectangular one depending on your space.

It can go from about 1.5 x 1.5 meters, right up to 2.9 x 2.9 meters – that’s the size of an average bedroom! Just imagine how may people could fit in one photo.

Again, we take care of the full set-up and pack down for you.


If you have seen our “one of a kind” Video DJ package on our Weddings page (click here), the exciting thing about our Photo Booth, is that it talks to our DJ screen. Within one to two minutes of taking your photos in the booth, they can be displayed on our DJ screen. We can simply add them to a slideshow.

Having said this, we have deliberately turned off the “automatic function” so that we can scrutinise the images before they are displayed.

After the event, we can also provide you with a digital copy of the images taken.

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