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Are you looking for top-notch painters in Brisbane who truly know their stuff? Then look no further, Pohlmann Brothers is here to help you!

At Pohlmann Brothers, we have over one hundred years of experience as painters under our belt. So, we’ve been around long enough to know high-quality paint projects when we see them. Of course, during that time, we’ve also developed as a brand and improved ourselves as a team.

It’s no wonder we’ve become one of the top painters in Brisbane.

Indeed, if you require the services of a painting company that strives for perfection every time, Pohlmann Brothers should be your go-to. We handle both interior and exterior painting jobs and we deliver amazing quality service each time. Of course, our numerous testimonials and finished projects say as much!

We’re not saying all this to get you to hire us as your painters in North Brisbane, (although you should!). Instead, we’re helping you understand why we are the preferred painters in Brisbane for so many customers and how we earned this place in the painting industry.

You see, being house painters in Brisbane is not all about having extensive on-the-job experience (although we have a tonne). Our team of painters at Pohlmann Brothers also possess the necessary training and certifications to pull off a great job on every project! Of course, we are also commercial painters for companies in Brisbane and our quality never drops.

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