Pine Bark

A popular choice, pine bark is a high-quality, attractive option that’s suitable for any landscaped area.

Naturally allelopathic (weed suppressing), it’s particularly effective for coastal gardens as it helps to neutralise limey or alkaline soil.

Red in colour, pine bark mulch will fade to a dark brown over time.

PMB Enviro-Mulch

A good choice for budget-sensitive projects, PMB Enviro-mulch will add a natural finish to any landscaping project.

Comprised of by-product materials from the timber industry, it is an excellent option for revegetation projects and other large applications.

Our PMB Enviro-mulch is sourced from a phytophthora free supplier.

Boutique Mulch

As one of the longest lasting mulches available, this variety offers a low maintenance solution for commercial gardens.

Smart Watermark Approved, this composted hardwood mulch is a finer version of the popular Aquamor mulch.

Ideal for use in public spaces that experience high foot traffic, it is a popular choice for local government areas.

Jarrah & Marri Woodchip Mulch

Fast becoming a preferred choice, our Jarrah Woodchip mulch combines a clean look with a reddish colour to add an elegant touch to any landscape.

It is best suited for use in median strips and gardens within residential facilities that are subjected to low levels of pedestrian traffic.

The sap from the natural timbers also helps to prevent the growth of weeds.

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