Perth Towing

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We all love our local area, that is why we live here! Perth is Western Australia’s largest city populated by over 2 million people, estimated to grow to over  2.25 million by the end of 2017 continually growing at a very fast rate, this means more cars on Perth roads. Perth’s economy is well known for administration, business and the mining, petroleum and agricultural industries.  Perth has a classic hot summer and mildly cold wet winters and is set on the swan river with sweeping views of the famous king’s park and is home to the picturesque Rottnest Island.

Perhaps you are driving along through Perth’s suburbs when you hear the unmistakable noise of a tire going flat – oh no… Maybe you have been hard at work all day only to find a dead battery right when it’s time to go home. You could possibly have been involved in an accident… this has happened to almost all of us (or we know someone who has) leaving the keys are in the ignition with the doors securely locked.

Our towing companies aim is to get you back on the road as quickly as possible. Seems simple and logical doesn’t it? There is more to choosing the right towing service than most people would think. The first listing you see in the phone book, foursquare or yellow pages may not be the best choice to make.

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