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Interesting silent disco hire events

Silent disco hire services 4 kids Parties

We are the one and only silent disco hire for kids partiesbirthday parties, this limited theme party for little ones by Party Higher provides safe volume levels for them. We also offer incredible activities and games for kids and we guarantee it will be the best birthday party ever!

Silent disco hire services for school events

Collaborated events for school holiday programs have extended to a whole new level with Party Higher. Every young school student, who has participated in our events takes away an array of unforgettable experiences and loads of laughter.

Silent disco hire services for birthday parties

Have you ever dreamed of a birthday party where all your friends can enjoy every song that you play? Even your family can’t resist to join the fun. We guarantee a Party for you with unlimited FUN. Allow us to bring your dream party to life with a professional DJ, lasers, lights, smoke machine, headphone stands, signs, licensed music playlists and more.

Silent disco hire services for corporate event

Hosting corporate events can now be hassle free. Every single corporate event that Party Higher do provides an amazing experience for your staff/colleagues. Join Cotton on and Pfizer as visionary companies hire us to do our Silent Team building, Silent Conferences and Silent Discos. Bragging alert! Hosting Woolworths and Cisco events each year adds another feather to our cap.

Silent disco hire services for wellbeing

We at Party Higher have a range of recreational activities such as silent yoga, silent dance classes, silent exercise and silent aged care services and more. Research has proved that doing such activities with music through headphones can enhance the experiences. We will have everyone engaged and joining in.

Silent disco hire services for festivals

It is undoubtedly the most happening event, with loads of laughter, happy faces and more. We at Party Higher offer a range of service for these events, be it large scale or small scale we will provide a top-notch service for all. We can tailor your requirements based on your event. If it’s our award winning children’s entertainment or three channels of DJs with a battle of the DJ’s, we will take your festival to a new level of FUN.

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