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Site Caravans, bins, fuel storage, portable buildings, tarps, portable toilets and much more. Pacific Hire has a large range of general site equipment for your work needs. Contact us for a free quote today!


Established in 1979, Pacific Hire is a traditional Equipment Hire company founded in Myrtleford by Roland Carlassare who grew sick and tired of mates asking to lend his tools.

Company owners/Directors Raimond & Deanne were born and bred to be in the Hire industry and were surely the envy of their mates because they had all the diggers a kid could want to play with, and with age that still hasn’t changed. “There isn’t a piece of equipment here that we’ve not used. “As soon as we get something new in, we all have to take it home and give it a go. It sounds sad, but we just love it!”

With our roots strongly secured in the Northern Regions of Victoria & Southern Regions of N.S.W with offices based in Wangaratta and Melbourne, we are sure to get you the right equipment for your project, no matter where your job is based, what size your project is, or how complex it may be.

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34-42 Freight Drive, Somerton Victoria 3062,3062,Somerton,Melbourne