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Need to repair your blocked or broken pipes but don’t want to dig or demolish?
When your broken pipes are under concrete slabs, retaining walls, or pools, replacing them can be disruptive and costly. At Nuflow Newcastle, we use Nuflow’s pipe relining technology to fix your broken pipes without digging or demolishing.

Essentially, we create a pipe within your existing pipes by installing a pipe liner through your existing access points. With our no-dig pipe relining method, we can restore and renew aged, broken or corroded pipes to better-than-new condition, all with minimal disruption.

The relined section of your pipe seals off cracks and leaks, and is so tough that it prevents future tree root infiltration. Independent tests show that our relined solution is even structurally stronger than brand new pipes.

  • Toilets and sinks backing up fast and receding slowly?
  • Drainage overflow outside the house?
  • Wet spots appearing on walls
  • Water pooling on floors?

These signs all indicate you could have a blocked drain or leaking pipe. Fix it for good with Nuflow Newcastle’s pipe relining solution.

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