Newcastle Building And Plumbing

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Our professional tradesperson will use new and improved press fittings to prevent future issues. Also please ask our friendly staff to get your pressure checked free of charge. Exceeding pressure can cause burst pipes, water banging and damage to plumbing fixtures.

Call us now for a no obligation quote on any bathroom, kitchen & laundry renovation. Our friendly staff can talk you through any questions you have with any renovation. We can give you some ideas and show you the best way to set out your new bathroom, kitchen or laundry.

Blocked stormwater or sewer? Foreign objects, tree roots or a broken pipe causing nasty blockages? Get our qualified tradesperson to clean your drains and offer you a solution to prevent a blockage ever happening again. Feel free to call us anytime.

No hot water? Cold showers? Want to save money on your electricity bill? We have our tradespeople ready 24/7 to assist your needs. We can repair or replace any hot water system. Electric, gas, heat pump & solar are all available. Call us today for information on the best system for your household.

Our licensed plumber can install any natural or lp gas appliances, pipework and fixtures. Our team is fully qualified & insured to keep your mind at ease. We can install cooktops, room heaters, gas hot water systems and service all type of appliances. Get us around to see if we can save you money on your gas bill.

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