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We know when you’re computer breaks, you need it fixed quickly. That’s why we have same day service at no extra cost. Our qualified computer technicians come to your home or office, meaning faster repairs and greater extended hours convenience. Our technicians provide friendly service and advice in plain English with no technical jargon & always fixed price quotes means you get to decide if its in your budget & no surprises. If you stuck at work an you cant call now leave us a enquiry online.

Some Reasons Why you should use The Nerdcore Group. You can count on The Nerdcore Group for business IT support

Nerdcore is Australia’s leading provider of on-site and remote business IT support for small and medium-sized businesses. 

So, there probably isn’t a business tech issue we haven’t seen and solved before. Whether it’s hardware and software repairsnetwork security solutionsdata backups and recovery, or helping you set up and connect a new device, we’re there for you.

or complete our form today to set up an appointment with a computer repair technician

Our friendly, expert Nerd will get you back up and running as quickly as possible with our business computer help. Which means you can forget about tech and concentrate on managing and growing your business. They’ll even uncomplicate the complicated to give you the knowledge to fix future issues.

Why all Aussie businesses call us first

Local, dedicated call centre and computer technicians all over Australia. If you need a nerd, we’ll come to you, or often, we can solve it over the phone for a quick fix.

On call 7 days a week to get you back up and running as quickly as possible. Evenings, weekends and same day services are available if needed.

We’ve helped over 15,000 across Australia. And have more happy customers than any other tech support business.

Nerdcore can help to keep your sensitive business information secure,  with a <span style="font-variant-numeric: inherit; font-variant-east-asian: inherit; font-stretch: inherit; line-height: inherit; backgro

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