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I remember being completely amazed by the power of food as medicine around 10 years ago. I was experiencing my own slue of health challenges, including breathing issues, depression, anxiety and crippling lower back pain. At the time, the ancestral health movement had just started, and the main advocates were institutions like Weston A. Price. By eliminating the processed, refined food products that were a staple of my diet and replacing them with whole foods, I noticed dramatic changes in my mood and general well-being. I was hooked immediately. I wanted to understand how and why food had such a powerful impact on the way we feel and function.

I spent a couple of years reading blog posts and articles, before diving into the primary literature – the science itself. I decided to do a master’s degree in nutrition and I’ve never looked back. In the early days of my journey, I suspect I was a little too dogmatic. I began believing that everyone should eat a specific diet (usually the one I was eating at the time). But, as I acquired a deeper knowledge of how food – as information – interacts with the uniqueness of the individual — not only in terms of their genetics — but also their environment, culture, and ethical values, I came to understand there’s no such thing as a “one-size-fits all” protocol. In fact, certain restrictive dietary protocols need only be followed for a few weeks in order for the body to heal and allow more diversity again with no bad side effects.

Today, my passion is taking a highly-individualized approach to helping people with the power of nutritional therapy. To enable and support people living with chronic pain, to experience the power of food as medicine.

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