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Our mulching services include:

  • Supply and delivery of our Magic Mulch
  • Spreading and levelling of mulch to garden beds
  • Spraying weeds in your paths and driveway
  • Blowing all paths and driveways clear of debris
  • Your garden could also benefit from:

    • Removal of existing weeds and debris in garden beds prior to mulching
    • Targeted weed control of hard to kill weeds such as oxalis, couch nut, crab and onion grass
    • Nitrogen fertilising of garden beds to stimulate mulch breakdown to build deep black soils
    • Wetting agent application to garden beds to maximise water retention

  • What makes this mulch special magic


  • Weed suppressing finely ground eucalyptus is incorporated into the mulch for the high tannins present in the leaves. The tannins naturally suppress the germination of weeds
  • Teaming with helpful bacteria and fungi in the 25% mix of active compost, enriched with bacteria and fungi spores. The bacteria and fungi convert fertilisers in your soil and help break down the mulch into nutrients the plants can use easily
  • Screened and carefully blended ensuring you get a consistent mulch; free from plastics, weeds, palm fronds and other rubbish
  • pH balancing with acidic sheoak and pine needles carefully blended with the mulch to balance Perth’s alkaline soils
  • Nutrient rich bark and wood chips harvested from mature trees containing a full range of minerals and trace elements
  • All materials sustainably sourced from local producers before it goes to landfill and becomes contaminated
  • Layered break down by using a mix of large and small particles with active compost Magic Mulch quickly settles out into three distinct layers
  • Reduce evaporation by creating a 5-10cm layer of course mulch densely shading and cooling the soil below
  • Retain water and nutrients with the fertile soil that forms as the finer particles and active compost are washed through the top layers of the mulch. The course wood chips protect this layer from evaporation and also feed it nutrients as the mulch breaks down

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