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If you treat your garden correctly from the start, your plants will thrive, and your garden will look fantastic. Choosing the correct soil or compost can make all the difference.

For your garden beds and veggie gardens, you want premium soils and compost with a good layer of mulch. At Mercuri Garden & Building Supplies, we have a great range of garden supplies all carefully chosen to give your plants the best environment possible.
We stock a variety of toppings, crushed rock, and scoria for paths and hardscaping. We also have paving and brick sand to help you get the solid parts of your garden looking their best.

For a great range of gardening products and building supplies in Bundoora, drop by and see us today. We stock everything from mulch and compost to brick sand and concrete stumps. Our experienced staff will talk you through the different building and gardening products available and help you find the right products for your needs.

Whether you’re adding mulch to your garden or taking on a large building project, we’ll arrange speedy delivery of your items so that you don’t have to worry about a thing. For quality building and gardening products and a fantastic service, contact Mercuri Garden & Building Supplies in Bundoora today.

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