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A Dental Implant is a modern treatment option for replacing a missing tooth. The dental implant itself is an artificial tooth root in the form of a screw, made of biocompatible titanium metal. Like a screw, the dental implant is inserted into jawbone and allowed to become a part of it (osseointegrate). An artificial tooth or crown is subsequently attached to the implant by a connector called an abutment. In this way, a crown can be supported by a dental implant and is able to replace your missing tooth. Independent of adjacent teeth, an implant supported crown can feel similar to, and function reliably like, a natural tooth.

Multiple dental implants may be used to support individual crowns or a combination of dental bridges (long spans of multiple crowns joined together) if a patient needs to replace many missing teeth, or even all of their teeth. Dental implants have the advantage of enabling larger gaps in the mouth to be restored independently, without relying on the preparation of adjacent natural teeth to attach the artificial replacement teeth. They may also be used to hold dentures in place with special clips or attachments (similar to press studs) to significantly improve denture stability

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