Martin Luther Homes

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We offer Premium Rooms with en-suites bathrooms. To all of those seeking innovative accommodation in aged care, we are proud to present our Care Apartments©, an award-winning concept that offers 24/7 nursing care while offering its resident as much independence as possible.

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Martin Luther Homes is a great place to stay in touch with your loved ones while making new friends. Our many activities bring like-minded people together and there are plenty of locations where you can withdraw to spend some quality time with your new acquaintances.

Our residents truly value the safe surroundings of our 12-acre property. Small private roads with low speed limits and seperate pedestrian walks are an ideal way to go for a walk without being constantly on the lookout for the next vehicle cutting off our path.

Our Activities Team provide many forms of entertainment and education around our facility. There are daily activities and plenty of special events that celebrate our residents and their cultural backgrounds. We love good food and social interaction of any kind. To find out more about our activities program, please click here.

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67 Mount View Rd, The Basin VIC 3154,3154,The Basin,Melbourne