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Some consequences that can result from losing a tooth include:

  • Adjacent teeth on either side of the space and opposing teeth can move out of alignment.
  • Bite and jaw alignment problems may develop
  • Your tooth root helps to maintain jawbone density, gum health and facial muscle elasticity. When teeth are missing, your bone and gum recede.

The development of dental implants has revolutionized dental healthcare and restored the smiles of people all over the world.
Dental implants are developed from medical grade Titanium which is placed in your jawbone to become a substitute for a missing tooth root and a solid foundation to which a crown, bridge, a full or partial denture may be secured.

Undertaking dental implants is a multidisciplinary service involving a team of highly trained professionals and requires meticulous preparation and planning.

Steps involved:

  1. Placement of the implant fixtures is now a routine procedure performed under a local anesthetic for your complete comfort, by a highly qualified Oral Surgeon or Periodontist to whom you will be refered.The oral surgeon or periodontist conduct the surgical assessment and placement of the implant fixtures and post-surgical follow-up.
  2. The Dental laboratory and Ceramist fabricates the crown, bridge or dentures. Shade and aesthetic assessment is conducted at the dental laboratory at the appropriate time.
  3. The Dental Implant Company provide the components and technical support.
  4. We at Maroondah Dental Care manage/arrange the whole treatment plan and conduct the restorative phase (the bit you see!!) of treatment.

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