Manny’s Mechanical Repairs

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Car Services

Cars are complex- make no mistake about it.

Electrics, computers, can-bus communication and all other necessities, there is a protocol which technicians have to follow- unfortunately the general public has no idea what is required so here is a attempt to demystify the whole process of servicing.

The vehicle is checked over for damage & scratches before test drive-test drive incorporates, listening for knocks, squeaks, rattles, driving braking shuddering. a full electronic check- load test battery @150-200 amps & monitor load performance, light check, interior lights power windows, perform full electronic computer scan-with report, check fuel trims.- under bonnet, check drive belts, check for any leaks (coolant or oil) check brake fluid & coolant concentrations, check radiator& cooling system, top up all levels.

Jack up car (HALF WAY) – check steering and suspension (shock absorbers, ball joints)  remove wheels check tyres-note condition, rotate tyres-check tyre pressures. Check brakes- include brake hoses , adjust brakes & hand brake.

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