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uperior Appliance Service began trading as Adelaide Washer Wreck.

Starting a family business back in 1996 we have grown and established ourselves in Adelaide’s northern suburbs as a trusted repairer of whitegoods and small appliances for over 15 years.

Why Adelaide Washer Wreck?

Adelaide Washer Wreck was created to reuse and recycle parts from washing machines that were no longer used. Machines that were traded in or not economical to repair were disassembled with usable parts kept (providing an alertnative to those who could not afford new appliances) and the remaining parts were then sent to metal recycling. From time to time machines were even refurbished and sold.

It is a different world today, and the cost of new appliances in many cases has lowered dramatically. Nevertheless, we still ‘wreck’ a small number of washing machines, dryers, dishwasher and ovens to help those who can not afford new parts or new appliances.

A change of name to Superior Appliance Service was necessary as the business changed with the times. We are now authorised warranty repairers for many (kitchen, laundry and small appliance) manufacturers and hold an extensive range of new spare parts ready to repair your appliance quickly.

While we now answer the phone as Superior Appliance Service, we will always be Adelaide Washer Wreck to many who know us.

The team at Superior Appliance Service.

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