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Mulch is used to describe any substance that is placed on top of a surface of soil. Its job is to preserve moisture within the soil, prevent weed growth and keep the soil cool during the heat. Residents also use mulch to make garden beds look attractive and exotic.
There is a range of different mulch types available. These types can be separated into two categories, organic and inorganic. Organic mulches have also been shown to improve the soil’s fertility as they begin to decompose. There are many types of organic mulch which include:
Bark that is either shredded or chipped.
Grass clippings
Other organic matter.
Benefits of using Mulch
Mulch is a key component of landscaping and is an essential landscape supply. It’s among one of the most used garden products due to the amount of overwhelming benefits it has. These benefits include:
Mulches ability to withhold and retain moisture in the soil.
Organic mulches break down with time and help to improve the soil’s health. This is a big plus if your soil has poor fertility.
It’s weed-free! Mulch helps prevent the growth of weeds which is high during winter months.
Other garden mulch combat against erosion and protect residents from injury caused by gardening tools.
Other mulch types such as pinewood and chips stop ticks, gnats, fleas and other pests.

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