Lucas Tree Services

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Tree services throughout Victoria

Lucas Tree Services provides an array of tree services at reasonable prices to customers throughout Victoria. Trees are part of Earth’s natural growth, but sometimes intervention is needed to make life easier. Above everything, the priority in tree maintenance is proper care and respect. Without professional attention and high-quality equipment, a tree’s condition can be compromised.

Domestic & Commercial

Among other things, Lucas Tree Services specialises in effective tree removal. If you’re looking to clear a pesky tree from your balcony view or avoid some power lines, we have the perfect solution. From straightforward jobs to tricky projects, Lucas Tree Services takes tree lopping and removal seriously and will complete the task quickly and efficiently.

Keeping the tree’s health and appearance in mind at all times, we don’t neglect safety or site security. Our experienced team is trained in all appropriate techniques, like advanced climbing, aerial rescue, rigging, first aid and chainsaw operation. We use the very latest climbing equipment from Tree Gear and will ensure the safety of everyone on site before performing any tree removal.

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