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Hobart dishwasher is one of the most popular appliances for which we provide Hobart equipment repair services. We know how big it can be, therefore dealing with it may require extra space. That is why we always try to visit our customers at the most suitable time, so our engineers will not create a distraction in the kitchen.
The repair process consists of three main aspects:

  • Full assessment – at this stage our engineer performs full and deep assessment of the appliance in order to see the whole picture. It can help not only with the current problem but also with avoiding some future break downs. 
  • Repair process – repair process is normally performed right away, except the cases when we need to exchange some major spare parts. If the spare part required is a common one, our engineer may have it with him, so it will be exchanged during the same visit for Hobart service in the UK . Otherwise, our client may have to wait maximum two working days before we receive the required part from our supplier.​​
  • Testing – this is the last and most important step of our repair process. Our engineers do a couple of tests making sure that all the parts are fully working and in great condition.

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