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Though Konnecting Migration Services is based in Sydney, our personnel can provide these services all over the country, from Perth to Central Queensland to Adelaide, Sydney, and Melbourne. Whether you’re a qualified migrant or an employer looking to hire them, we’ve got you covered.

Konnecting services all your work and study needs. Contact us, for an analysis of what you need and what to expect (fees apply). You can also contact us for more information. If you are seeking further details about the many different working visa categories, the Migration Services area of this website has information about a selection of working visas. However, speaking personally to a registered migration agent is always the best option for understanding the complex visa applications and various working visas.

Konnecting acts as an interface between the prospective candidate and the business thus connecting both of them to create a truly global environment. Whether you’re an Australian employer struggling to find qualified staff or a qualified worker looking to relocate or migrate on a temporary or permanent basis, we can offer you an efficient, and a straightforward solution.

From the visa application process and to successful employment, to assisting migrants, as they settle in and live in Australia, Konnecting Australian Migration Services can help streamline the complete migration process.

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