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The JCAU Events Design House aspires to create highly desirable, luxurious event experiences across Melbourne with unparalleled innovation, quality and design — allowing you to experience a love for art and events like never before. We encompass all the artistic elements that make an event truly special; from event design, floral styling, décor hire, personalised signages, to custom installations.

Our core values are inspiring creativity, love of beauty and indulgence in life. We will use our talents to embolden you with confidence and excitement as you go through your event planning journey.



JCAU (pronounced J’Core) is an event design house led by two creative souls, John and Caroline. This husband and wife team styled and crafted their own wedding. The love and passion they put into every detail transported their guests into their own special world, and they were blown away by the unexpected outpouring of praise and encouragement.

Inspired by this life experience, JCAU believes in the love and commitment behind creating a new life chapter and setting foot in a new world of possibilities. John and Caroline view celebrations as the grand debut for their clients; to celebrate who they are, embrace the adventure, and feel excitement for the journey to come. That is why each event is created with the most ambient and atmospheric scenes.

Through unparalleled innovation, quality and design, JCAU Events captures joy through creating mesmerising moments of indulgence. When all the carefully curated details fit seamlessly into place on your special day, you are suspended in a moment in time that was made for you –  surrounded by love, beauty and art.

Being crowned 2020 and 2021 Best Event Stylist in Victoria by the ABIA Bridal Industry Awards and featured in Vogue Bridal, this is a testament to JCAU’s endless love and pursuit of pure creative expression. They cannot wait to share this with you!

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