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Asian Rhinoplasty can be performed to address a number of concerns with your nasal shape and function. These include a general dissatisfaction with the appearance of your nose – a nose that does not ‘fit the face’.  The term Asian rhinoplasty is broad as each Asian nation has its won aesthetic ideals when it comes to the nasal shape.  Furthermore, not all Asian noses are the same, the broadness and projection of the tip, nasal height and skin thickness can vary across Asia. Rhinoplasty can also be used to correct particular breathing problems which may be pre-existing or have resulted from trauma. Rhinoplasty is usually performed with Septoplasty (straightening or reshaping of the central cartilage and bony internal framework of the nose).

It may even be necessary to address your sinuses during rhinoplasty (Endoscopic Sinus Surgery). Both form and function must be addressed to achieve an aesthetically pleasing and functional nose. Dr Imani’s extensive training in both Facial Plastic Surgery and Otorhinolaryngology (Ear, Nose and Throat Surgery) makes him one of only a few specialists in Perth expert enough to deal with rhinoplasty surgery. Dr Imani has spent many years specialising in addressing all aspects of nasal surgery, and he has a particular interest in rhinoplasty – an area known to be the most challenging in facial plastic surgery. Nasal surgery requires attention to detail and precision in execution, making it a highly specialised field.


Dr Imani strives for a natural appearance in performing all his facial procedures. A conservative approach is the key to his success using time-tested techniques to help avoid complications and an unnatural look. Many changes are achievable with a carefully selected rhinoplasty approach. The Asian nose can be made smaller or larger and the shape, size and relation of the tip can be changed.  The usual changes requested in Asian rhinoplasty are: increase height of the bridge or dorsum, a narrow base and a more refined tip.  

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