Horizon Digital

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Horizon Digital was founded after more than 10 years working with Perth startups, government organisations and large businesses building and implementing technology solutions. Our name has evolved from the concept of technology horizons and our experience of organisations focusing on what might happen in the future (Horizon Three) while not fully capitalising on the opportunities available with today’s technology (Horizon One). 

We saw a need to provide Perth businesses with a technology partner that can help you navigate the digital transformation journey based on lessons learnt from personal experience, not just theoretical concepts. This also means being there every step of the way, from planning and problem identification right through to product development and going to market. At our core we are partnering with Perth businesses to solve three key problems: 

  1. Utilise technology to make their core business as efficient, competitive and effective as possible
  2. Create growth opportunities through the development of new products
  3. Build adaptable and agile businesses that have the capability to navigate whatever the future throws at them

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