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Top efficiency and perfect organisation

The degree of automation of the processes in a scullery depends not only on type and volume of the wash ware. Automation always increases economy and relieves the personnel.

Automatic wash systems do not require any personnel at the dirty side for loading wash ware into the flight-type dishwashers.

They consist of an automatic separating unit, a FTNi flight-type dishwasher for trays and cutlery, and an extra-wide FTNi flight-type dishwasher with a separate belt track for bowls and plates.

Whilst a semi-automatic dishwasher system requires dishwashing staff to put plates and bowls manually on the conveyor belt of the related flight-type dishwasher, this work is done by an automatic separating unit in an automatic system.

HOBART has a wide range of automated rational solutions even for the clean side:

Like in the semi-automatic systems, the trays are stacked automatically on a tray stacking carriage provided, and the cutlery is ejected via a chute into a cutlery basket underneath. Furthermore, an automatic plate destacking unit takes on the plates in an automatic system. If required, the cutlery can be fed into an automatic cutlery sorting system.

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